2017 / 2018


Hold Dans Koreograf  
1 J HO AB Tiffany Carter
1 Lindi Shuffle  Jane Smee
1  It all begins here Bonnie & John Newcomer 
1  Ain’t she sweet  Melissa Lawson ?
1 Meat and potato man   Alan Jackson
1 Cut a Rug   Jo & Rita Thompson
1 Save me tonight  Maggie Callagher 
1 Charly & Me Linda Sansoucy
1 Walk of life Rachael McEaney


Runaway Cha Dee Musk
 1 Easy Fun  Maria Grafford  
1 The most beautiful girl Niels Poulsen


Queen of my heart Birthe Thygesen  
Down on your uppers  Gary O’Reilly  
1 George Strait Severine Fillion  
1+2  1159  Rachael McEnaney
1+2  Lonely Drum  Darren Mitchell
2  Makita Kate Sala og Robbie McGowan Hickie 
2  East to West 17  Alison Johnstone og Simon Ward
2 Speak to the sky   Keith Davies
2 A Complete Change Niels Poulsen
2 The Letter Lene Mainz Pedersen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfEBiIDFYCg
2 Bored  Ria Vos
2 I won’t back down Rachael McEnaney White  
2 For the world Maddison Glover
2 Help me Hayley Wheatley +Alexis Strong  
4  Wandering Hearts  Gary O’Reilly og Maggie Gallagher
4  Oops Baby  Cody Flowers og Rachel McEnaney
4  Shady  Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass
4 La Radio   Maria Maag
4 Trompeta Gary O’Reilly
4 What if I stay Julia Wetzel
4 Looking out for angels Niels Poulsen
 4  Perfect Alison Johnstone/Joshua Talbot  
4 All the king’s horses Alison Biggs/Peter Metelnick
4 Kinda don’t care Kate Sala  
4 Pull you through Madison Glover + Jo Thompson Szymanski