2018 / 2019



Hold Dans Koreograf  
1  Lindi Shuffle  Jane Smee
1  Ready to roll baby  Kirsten Hansen
1 Hell Yeah i like beer 365 days a year  Anette Nielsen  
1  Broken Heart Leo Boomen  
Born to be great Conrad Farnham  
 1 Texas Time  Lene Mainz Pedersen
 1  Ex’s and oh’s Step 5678
 1  Without a view  Michaela Svensson Erlandson  
 1 Hey you  Garry Lafferty  
1 Berlin at 5 Linda Pink
Most peaple are good  Leonre Dowling  
 1 Why did it have to be me  Anette Nielsen  
1   Grafitti Baby Julie Snailham  
1+2  Never tired of it  Niels Pousen  
1+2 Riding Shotgun  Alison Carrington  
I’ve been waiting for you  Alison Johnstone + Jushua Talbot  
 2 Cherry Bomb Rob Fowler  
2  Simple as can be  Julia Wetzel  
2  The king and I  Karl-Henry Winson  
2  Sea of heartbreak  Niels Poulsen  
 2  Cry Pretty  Karl-Harry Winson  
Beeswing Tina Argyle  
 2 Tequila Surprise  Alan Spence  
 2 La Fiesta Cubana Roy Verdonk m.fl.
4  Devil calling  Kate Sala, Karl Harry Winson & DAP  
4  Pull you through  Maddison Glover  
4  All the kings horses  Alison & Peter  
4  Beautiful crazy  Debbie Rushton  
4  Vanotek cha   Gary O’reiley  
4  The one you’re waiting on  Maddison Clover
4  Second time around  Fred Whitehouse + Darren Bailey
 4  Jessie  Rrichael Mc Enany White + Simon Ward  
4  I,d stop the world  Debbie Rushton+ Jannie Tofte  
4  Mony mony Maggie Gallagher