2019 / 2020



Hold Dans Koreograf  
1  Mama Maria Frank Trace  
1  Country Bumb Darran Bailey   
1  Try Everything  Lene Mainz Pedersen  
1  The Little Farmer Mona Leth  
1  Leving Austin/Nothing but you  Jusee Martel  
 1 We only live once- easy Lene Mainz Pedersen  
Graffiti Baby Julie Snailham  
1 Come dance with me Jo Thompson   
1 Honky Tonk Stomp Phillis Watson  
1 Lullaby waltz Tina Argyle  
1 Bonapartes Retreat Maddison Glover  
1 Circles Lene Mainz+Inge Vestergård  
1 Good feelings Fred Whitehouse
1 Why did it have to be me? Anette Nielsen
 2  Train Swing Niels Poulsen  
 2  Stardust Cha  Kim Ray  
 2  Shaky  Gary Lafferty  
 2  Gone West Gary Reily+ Maggie Gallagher  
2  Bonapartes Retreat  Maddison Glover  
 2 Senorita la-la-la Julia Wentzel
2 Cheating on me  Hopin Gwendoline  
2 Crazy Foot Mambo Poul McAdam
2 Taking my time  Tana Argyle  
2 Feel right Lene Mainz Pedersen
2 Lay here with me Julia Wetzel  
 2 Holding hands together  Jose. M Vane+ Alison Johnstone  
2 Where We’ve Been Lana H. Wilson
3  Lonely Blues Rachael McEnaney-white  
3  It’s Never Too Late Ross Brown  
3  Thorn in my Side  Niels Poulsen  
 Music to my eyes  Derek Steele + Simon Ward  
3  Backroad Nation Diana Dawson  
3  Someone you loved Monica Richter + Per Sørensen  
3  The Shape of you  Lene Mainz Pedersen + Emma Mainz  
3 Get wild Jo Thompson + Madison Glower  
3 Hyponotized Cha Simon Ward  
3 Cooler Than Cool Niels Poulsen  
3 You’re the hero Niels Poulsen  
3 Stomp Down Jose M Vane+ Sebastian Holtland