2020 / 2021



Hold Dans Koreograf  
1  Stealing the best  Rosie Multari  
1  Feeling Good AB Lene Mainz Pedersen  
1  Baby Please don’t go  Shirley Blankenship m.v.  
1 Safe and sound Dea Musk
1 Honky Tonk Stomp Phyllis Watson
1 Walk me home Lorraine Summerell
1 Mamma Maria Frank Trace
Jerusalema  Colin Ghys m.v.    
1 Celtic Waltz Sebastien Bonnier   
1 og 1+  Country boy lovin’  Maddison Glover  
 1+  Got you too Kelli Haugen  
1+  Do the koduro Rudy Honing  
1+ Texas Time Lene Mainz Pedersen  
1+1+2 For the longest time Roosamekto Mamek  
1+  Why not-every thing  Helle Marhauer  
1+  Woman, Amen – Female  Lene Mainz Pedersen  
1+ Too Many Love Songs Chrystel Arreou
1+ Keep it simple Maggie Gallagher
1+ gucci Niels Poulsen  
 1+ Little red book  Dea Musk  
1+ Take me home Madison Glover  
1+, 2 Forever and ever Benny Ray  
2 If you need me  Pat Stott  
2 Pick up your phone Niels Poulsen  
2 There is a light  Yvonne Verhagen  
 2 Stanryck Jamie Barnfield  
 2  Where we’ve been  Lane H. Wilson  
Alter Ego  Karl Harry Wilson
Crystal Touch Claire Bell og Maddison Glover  
2 Feel Right – Easy  Lene Mainz Pedersen  
2 Cha Cha Byby Linda Burgess
2 Heart of an angel William Brown
2 One too many Lene Mainz
 2 Tired of getting my butt kicked  Pia Rossen  
 2 Vaya Con dios Vikki Morris  
2 The letter Lene Mainz  
 3  Southern Dreams Maddison Glower  
 3+2  Slotting Niels Poulsen  
3  Just a Glimpse  Linda Pink + Sue Luke  
 3 Little less broken Maddison Glover  
 3 What a man gotta do Julia Wetzel  
Cha Cha Bisous  Gary O’reilly + Audrey Flament  
Don’t feel like Dancing Patricia E. Stott  
 3 Sweet Attraction Kate Sala m.f.l.  
3 Get Wild Jo Thompson + Madison Glower  
Dance Elita Kim Ray  
 3 jerusalema  Colin Ghys m.fl.  
 3 Redneck  Severine Fillion