2022 / 2023







1 Detour  Magali Chabret
 1  Rocket to the sun Maddison Clover  
Strait Down Joanna Beal  
1 Green Green Grass AB Julie Gillmore
1 Out on the Dance Floor Julie Snailham  
1 Mamma Maria Frank Trace  
 1 Feeling kinda Lonely Margaret Swift  
1 Stealing the best Rosie Multari  
1 All That We Need  Lene Mainz Pedersen  
1 I love a Rainy Night  Iris M. Mooney  
1 Shivers- Easy Anne Richter-Olesen m.fl.  
1 Some people dream  Peter Probert  
1 My little old lover  Mona Leth  
1 Easy Dance  Severine Fillion m.fl.  
1 Woman up – easy  Lene Mains  
Queen of my heart  Birthe Thygesen  
1 Stealing The Best Rosie Multari  
1 we only live once – easy Lene Mainz  
 2 Love Grows Craig Bennett & Maddison Glover  
Sunset Road Henrik Lassen  
2 Here we go -easy Dorthe Michelsen  
 2 Impossible-love Niels Poulsen  
2 Storm and store Maddison Glover  
2 Mighty fine Ria Vos  
2 Bottum of the bottle Garry O’Reilly  
2 Night of a thousand stars Ayu Permana  
2 We’re Good to go Rob Fowler  
2 The Other Waltz Sandy Carty Hudges  
2 Women Up Thomas Malle  
2 Love not war  Lene Mainz  
2 3 shots of whiskey  Lene Mainz m.fl  
2 2 stepping away Kate Sala m.fl.  
 2 Havana Cha  Ria Vos  
2+3  Soul Silvia Schill & Gudrun Schneider  
 2+3 Jerusalema  Colin Ghys m.fl.  
3 Make it Rob Fowler
 3 Dance without a partner Niels Poulsen  
3 The Joker And The Queen Junghye Yoon  
3 Knock Off Guylaine Bourdages m.fl.  
3 Green -Green-Grass Karl-Harry Winson  
3 Here we go Garry O’Reilly and Maggie Gallagher  
3 Good as you Michele Burton and Bichael Barr  
3 In Heaven Karl-Harry Winson  
3 1 + 1 Jean-Pierre Madge og Niels Poulsen  
3 Crowded Mind Shane McKeever og Niels Poulsen  
3 Another One Bites the Dust  Ryan Hunt  
3 Adalaida Gary O’reilly
 3 Sweet Ireland Gary O’Reilly  
3 Hi-A-MA-CHA Rachael McEnaney
3 Light Me up Jose Vane m.fl.  
3 Southern Dreams Maddison Glover  
3 Giddy up Angelita Mazzoleni  
3 Beautiful in my eyes Simon Ward