Danse jubilæumsfest




  1   Rocket to the sun LineDanceDallas5
  1   Always Will LineDanceDallas5
  1    Stand by me  Suki Choi    
    Mamma Maria caroza1 🇸🇪  
  1    Green Green Grass AB  Veronika Ami (INA)  
  1   Versions of you AB Merete Louise Østberg  
  1   That Honky Tonk Highway LineDanceDallas5


  1   Stealing The Best  http://frederab  
  1   Honky Tonk Stomp http://Laila Wang
  1   Keep It Simple (de) LineDanceDallas5
  1   Walking On The Moon Lene Juhl
  1+   Texas time Lene Mainz Pedersen  
  1+   Shivers – Easy Lene Mainz Pedersen
  1+   We Only Live Once – Easy Ejstrup Holm


  1+   I Still Fall For You LineDanceDallas5
  1+   Always Will LineDanceDallas5
  1+   All That We Need 영라인댄스Young Line Dance
  1+   Never Drinking Again caroza1 🇸🇪


  1+   Cotton Eye Joe Cotton Eye Joe


  1+   Let It Bay – Be http://caroza1 🇸🇪
  1+   Keep It Simple http://LineDanceDallas5
  1+   Live, Laugh, Love  
  1+   Simply Waltz http://Grace David
  1+   Glass of Wine caroza1 🇸🇪
    2    Natural  Mathew Sinyard – In Line We Dance  
  2   My Next Sad Song LineDanceDallas5
  2   We’re Good to Go LineDanceDallas5
  2   Storm and Stone LineDanceDallas5
  2   Slotting Niels B. Poulsen
  2   Scootin’ Bootin’ Candy Sherwin


  2   Heaven’s Jukebox LineDanceDallas5


  2   1-2-3-4 http://LineDanceDallas2
  2   Country Nights http://LineDanceDallas5
  2   Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo isbboul
  2   The Letter http://Inge Vestergaard
  3   Without the Memories http://LineDanceDallas3
   3    Ghosted LineDanceDallas3  
  3   My Next Sad Song LineDanceDallas5
     One Two Step Away ineDanceDallas5
  3   3 Tequila Floor LineDanceDallas3


  3   Crystal Cha LineDanceDallas3


  3   Face the Music LineDanceDallas3
  3   Faithful Soul LineDanceDallas3
  3   The Last To Know http://Misuk La



       Another One Bites The Dust  LineDanceDallas3  
       Crowded Mind  

       Sweet Ireland  LineDanceDallas5