2021 / 2022



Hold Dans Koreograf  
1  Tired of toein’ the line  Inge Vestergård  
1  Sexy eyes Gary O’reilly   
1  Lindi shuffle  Jane Smee  
1  Gotta Leave Katarina Sherina  
1 Absolute  Lonely Drum  Agnethe Hansen   
1 Walking on the moon Susanne Mose Nielsen  
1 Cold heart – Easy Rikke Sylvestersen og Lene Mainz  
1 DN Waltz Niels Poulsen  
1 Some kind of wonderful  Gary O’Reilly  
1 We only live once – easy Lene Mainz
1 Country boy lovin’  Maddison Glover  
1 Come Dance with me  Jo Tompson  
1+ Going out out  Niels Poulsen  
 1+  When you smile Jose’ Vane   
1+   You dont know me – easy  Lene Mainz Petersen  
1+  Keep it simple  Maggie Gallacher  
1+  Texas time  Lene Mainz Petersen  
1+   Bad habits leads to you  LeneMainz Pedersen  
1,  1+  Graffiti Baby Julie Snailham  
1+   Gucci   Niels Poulsen  
1+  Cold Heart – Easy  Rikke Sylvestersen og Lene Mainz Pedersen  
1+ Shivers – Easy Lene Mainz + Anne Richer Olesen  
1+  Absolutely Niels Poulsen  
1+ Crash and burn Inge Vestergaard  
1+ Bone Dry Lene Mainz  
1+ Float ya’ Boat Ria Vos  
1+ Queen of my heart  Birthe Thygesen  
1+ Reunited  Niels Poulsen  
2  Corn Rob Fowler  
2  Hugs and kisses  Karl Harry Winson  
1, 1+, 2  Sunset Road Henrik Lassen  
2 Do it all again  Niels Poulsen  
2 What a song can do Heather Barton+ Andrew Hayes   
2 Cold Heart Maddison Glover  
2 Just Fly Jo Thomsen Szymanski m.fl.  
2 Adalaida Gary O’Reilly  
Burning Inside Tom Glover  
2 Holding on to love Blaire Morgan  
2 A little bit louder  Maggie Gallagher  
2 Here we go  Gary O’Reilly m.fl.  
2 I’ve been waiting for you  Alison Johnstone m.fl.  
 3  Train wreck  Niels Poulsen  
 3  Down to one  Alexis Strong  
3  Truth be told  Maddison Glover  
 3  Bad Habbits Maggie Gallagher+ Gary O’reilly  
 3  My Bestie Colin Ghys m.fl.  
 Shivers Lene Mainz  
 Dance before you leave me  Maggie Gallagher  
 3  Handmade for me Niels Poulsen   
3  Country i 3  Maddison Glover m,fl.  
 In Heaven Karl-Harry Winson  
 3  Faithful soul  Maggie Gallagher m.fl.